Sports Nutrition

P.H.A.S.E.1's  Elite 1 Nutrition and Performance focuses on developing habits that help manage nutritional needs with a busy schedule. We develop customized nutrition programs for individuals, teams, schools, and youth organizations. We implement programs that our clients are able to manage and maintain. 


Our nutritionists have a broad range of experience in helping diverse populations; athletes, children with autism, charter and private schools 

Nutrition Mentorship

Mentor students on the importance of quality nutrition for optimal performance of their bodies. Teach students how to manage their meals and provide information to know the difference between eating for survival verseseating for optimal performance. 

Faith Christian School

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Nutrition House

Developed a summer nutrition program for disadvantaged youth to learn how to create affordable meals, navigate their stores, and at home exercise.

SanTan Behavioural Health

Pro-Athlete Nutrition

Provided the team with general and individual team nutritional support. Including information on supplementation; what to take and when to take it. Implemented individual nutrition plans and provided consultations to adjust plans. 

Phoenix Lady Elite 1's

Summer Camp

Introduced  children with autism across the spectrum with healthy food in creative ways. We also provided information to families on how to make better choices with their available resources. 

Arizona Autism Charter

Youth Nutrition

We provide general or customized meal menus and schedules to aid young athletes with navigating their nutrition for practices, training, and tournaments in order for them to reach their goals.